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What is a POE Clock and why does my company need one

10 January, 2023

Here at Novanex we throw around words like POE and POE clock like they are confetti. So we get asked regularly what is a POE Clock? And "Why does my company need them". Today we are going to answer exactly these 2 questions

Regroup and Novanex Partner in Mass Notification Solution

13 January, 2019

By joining forces, two industry leaders will improve response in critical situations with effective mass communication and high-visibility display solutions.

    White Paper - Emergency Communications

    13 January, 2019

    Hospitals badly need a visual notification solution

    13 January, 2019

    How can busy hospitals spread important emergency information when there's so much going on at once?

    Novanex, Inc. Acquires Inova Solutions, Inc. Hardware Assets

    16 December, 2018

    Novanex, Inc. is the new operating name for Inova Solutions, Inc. clock and emergency signage business after purchase by Inova CEO.