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Novanex Clock Monitoring System - Local LAN Access

The Local LAN version of our cloud based is designed for those organizations that prohibit cloud access. 

In addition to purchasing the Clock Monitoring System, your organization will need to provision a local server.  Novanex will provide documentation and remote support to assist in installing the Monitoring System software. 

Here's a closer look at the detail available in each column:

The MAC address of each clock is displayed in the first column.  Next, there's the Hostname, followed by the connection status.  In the Last Contact Received column you'll see when each clock last communicated with the system.  Next is the date of the last "good sync event", indicating when the clock last synced with your designated time server.  The Note field allows freeform entry.

NOTE:  this product is designed for implementation by an IT professional and requires approval from Novanex engineering prior to purchase.