To our distributors, resellers, integrators and end users - please note our next expected delivery date for digital clocks is early March due to the global shortage of microprocessors. Our February chip allocation is sold out. Please send an email to to place an order in our production backlog for shipment in March. We appreciate your business and thank you for your patience while we deal with these unprecedented disruptions.

ONTMSLAN - Clock Monitoring System - LAN version

See product detail under "Monitoring Systems" menu item.


One time fee: 10% of any registered clock MSRP plus an annual fee of 20% of that fee for site support and firmware upgrades. 

Example: total MSRP of installed Novanex clocks:  $15,000. One time charge for ONTMSLAN: $1,500. Annual site support and firmware upgrade fee: $300.

Contact Novanex directly at to purchase.  Requires prior approval.

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