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In times of crisis, it's incredibly important that everyone in the environment stays calm and follows emergency procedures. For this reason, university and corporate campuses should add emergency LED displays in areas where employees and visitors gather.

Campus safety
As unlikely as an emergency situation might be, it's of the utmost importance that organizations are prepared for a worst-case scenario. Notification boards are an important tool in the safety toolbox, allowing administrators to quickly spread emergency information across an area.

"An emergency situation might be unlikely, but organizations should be prepared for the worst-case scenario."

Emergency notification boards are especially important on college campuses, where a high density of students, teachers, staff, and guests creates the possibility of chaos in a crisis. Distributing emergency messaging - announcements, protocols, evacuation plans - over a college campus is crucial to helping keep crowds calm and orderly. 

Many college campuses already implement SMS and email alerts in case of an emergency, but as Campus Safety Magazine pointed out, those signals can easily be missed: If a student or teacher has his phone on silent when an emergency notification comes through, it'll be missed. And that's only true for people on campus who are signed up for alerts - campuses are often full of guests who haven't been able to sign up for alerts.

The same is true for audio alarms, which don't benefit the hearing-impaired - or the sonically distracted. Installing emergency LED displays in addition to those other systems maximizes the chances that people on campus will notice, comprehend and benefit from a notification. Installing displays in classrooms and in other campus facilities is important to ensure the safety of students and teachers.

Emergency LED displays are good because they are bright, legible, and can be quickly updated, or even receive text from other mass notification systems. With just a single push update, an administrator can get a message to an entire campus. They are an important part of a complete system of campus notification systems using a number of different methods.

Corporate security
Businesses should also consider emergency LED displays, especially organizations with large corporate campuses. Emergency alert systems aren't as widespread in the private sector, so it's even more important that all sizes of business have emergency notification plans in their disaster preparedness strategy.